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A letter from our editor:

People say travel changes you.
It opens your mind, kicks you out of your comfort zone, and introduces you to incredible people, places and passion you would never know if you didn’t go.

Now, after 4 years of roaming the world to bring our readers the very best style, culture, fashion, entertainment and cuisine this planet has to offer, we find ourselves changing, too.

Beginning with the Summer issue, we are a redesigned and reimagined medium. Inspired by the groundbreaking work of designers, artists and visionaries we’ve discovered on every continent, we’re redefining who we are, and what we can become, in the context of our rapidly changing world.

Now that technology can deliver news any time we click for it, the role of a magazine as one of delivering information from a fresh, original point of view. For us, that means turning lifestyle and travel coverage into an entirely new adventure.

Like travelers whose tastes are awakened by new spices, we sense things differently today. From our graphics to our photo styling to our choice of fonts, we’re reflecting the new creativity that’s emerging everywhere, every moment— from Stockholm to Singapore to Senegal to San Juan.

But whether our content is at the doorstep or on the desktop, printed on glossy stock or flashing on a smartphone screen, it is still a work of editorial integrity, created with our sophisticated and discerning audience in mind. As different as it looks, it’s as careful a construction of concepts, words and images as it’s always been.

And that’s the only thing about us that our travels will never change.

Diana Epinosa

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