On December 13th Saint Lucia day is celebrated in Sweden. That day thousands of maidens dressed in white robes, a candlestick in their hands and a crown of candles on their head, illuminate the harsh winter. The procession of Lucia, as it is known, is headed by a group of damsels and “star boys”, also wearing long white robes and hoods adorned with golden stars. At the end of the procession there is another series of children disguised as pixies. The scene is enchanting, and more exciting when you hear the traditional carols in the voices of the little ones, in the middle of a complete darkness, as they come enlightening with their crowns of candles. Lucia and her maids deliver saffron biscuits and gingerbread biscuits to everyone present. It is a truly moving scene with a true Christmas spirit, which existed 400 years ago and is seen in churches, schools, and public places.