Sardinian cuisine in Miami

A delicious culinary adventure with a superb selection of wines.

Pietro Vardeu was born in the island of Sardinia, Italy and has always been passionate about food. This passion took him to London where he completed his education at a prestigious culinary institution. Antonio Gallo, a restaurateur who was born and bred in Torino, also in Italy, discovered the charm of food and cooking while helping his mother make and preserve fresh tomato sauces. Over the years, they realized that Miami needed a wine-themed restaurant. In 2006, Antonio and Pietro teamed up to create Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante. They combined Pietro’s experience in the kitchen with Antonio’s enthusiasm for delicious food and opened the doors of Sardinia in the quiet Sunset Harbor neighborhood of Miami Beach.

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The restaurant made a great impression on the clients and was quickly established as one of the most popular places in Miami. The menu illustrates the enjoyable, genuine Italian food of Pietro Vardeu’s native Sardinia with an amazing selection of beers, wines and cocktails served at the restaurant’s vibrant bar. Numerous and highly satisfactory reviews from national publications, including Food & Wine, Bon Appetit and USA Today, together with the praise and endorsements from clients have placed the restaurant among the favorites of this sunny city.