The most fabulous night gowns to wear on seasonal parties. Fashion, formal catwalks.

On these pages a selection of the most fabulous evening outfits to wear at the season holidays…..


Red and black have given way to pastels, metallic hues and vibrant colors. The elegance of the long dress is still maintained, which makes us feel like the queens of the night, but the very wide mid-legged skirt suit that recalls the 50’s can also become your favorite.


White is a delicate color but with a unique strength. It is causing furor in the winter galas, and this is the ideal time to wear it. Whether it is wide, narrow, ruffled in layers or with floral motifs, with a dress like this one you can wager to win.

The printed evening dress is a revelation this year; it has a relaxed and very attractive air, especially if you do not overdo the accessories so that they do not compete on the fabric drawing.

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