Mobile apps to organize your trip

Did you know that there are mobile apps that will help you organize your trip and make it more enjoyable? From booking flights and accommodation to finding exciting activities and the best attractions, you can design the perfect holiday on your mobile devices.

Here you will find a useful selection of apps to plan your next trip. 

1. Expedia

The undisputed leader for booking hotels and flights. Expedia offers competitive rates and last minute deals. With the Expedia Mobile Application, you can earn points and redeem them for travel. Use your cell phone to discover amazing offers on your favorite destinations.

2. TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants

Download city guides, maps, and reviews for over 300 cities worldwide. You can then use the app offline, avoiding data roaming charges. Browse restaurants by rating and price range, read reviews from travelers around the world and add your own opinions and photos. The app has a feature to save your favorite places. And you can compare prices for hotels and flights as well.

3. TripIt

This is an amazing tool to get a master itinerary for your trip. Forget about printing routes and reservations. With TripIt, you simply forward all your confirmation emails to the app and it will organize the data in chronological order, producing a complete itinerary. You can access the information for your flights, hotels, restaurant reservations, and more, anytime you want and from any device. It also shows days with no planned activities. If you receive an email notifying the cancelation or delay of a flight, the app will update this information on the itinerary.

4. Uber

One of the fastest growing apps in the travel industry. Ideal for booking a car ride, this service is available in more than 100 cities around the world. You can choose the type of car that will pick you up. With the Fare Estimate feature, you find out how much the trip will cost. Once you enter your location, you get a confirmation including details about the driver and vehicle. No need to pay in cash, the payment will be taken from your credit card.

5. Duolingo

Duolingo is a very helpful app to learn everyday phrases and expressions of frequent use in more than 20 languages. A simple way to learn the basics and be able to communicate with the locals when you arrive at your destination. Each lesson includes speaking and listening options. You will discover new words, learn pronunciation and grammar, and get daily reminders by email.

6. Wikitude

Using the camera of your smartphone, you can see the information of the area where you are at. The app syncs with Yelp and TripAdvisor restaurants, photos, tweets from friends who have visited that same place and obtains details of tourist attractions directly from Wikipedia. Also, it has a feature to scan paper money and find out its value in different currencies.