Cayman Islands, Three paradises to short distance from miami

They were not always Caymans

When Columbus, on his fourth and last voyage to the New World, was pushed by the winds to these lands, he saw islands that were full of turtles, so many that they looked like rocks, and then they were called “Las Tortugas” (the turtles). In the course of time, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman were named (by Sir Francis Drake), a set of three islands of incomparable beauty located in the middle of the Caribbean that at present have become a luxury tourist spot, for its splendor and all that can be lived there, both in the city and on its beaches.

The Cayman Islands are famous for their banking institutions and their financial services, with about 600 registered banks, but the buildings are not the most outstanding things  in the islands because the first thing that the visitor sees is the splendid landscape provided by its fine beaches white sands and the unique turquoise color of its sea. This archipelago is also formed by Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. George Town, southwest of Grand Cayman, is the capital, a classic destination for cruise tourism.

In this British territory, you can feel one of the most attractive and vibrant cultures of the Caribbean and the world, because in the streets of the city the typical Caribbean color is mixed with British sobriety. You will see luxurious cars transiting, as faithful exponents of the British heritage, great yachts in the marinas and picturesque houses that form a real spectacle for sight.

On a stroll through George Town you can admire the beauty, enjoy shopping, the hearty reggae music and good food. There is also an admirable sense of cultural heritage and traditions. Caymanians love to provide tourists with local information and talk proudly about the best places on the islands. With such a welcome it qualifies as one of the best family holiday destinations.

Grand Cayman

It is the largest of the three Cayman Islands. If you are looking for relaxation, experiencing an exciting nightlife and savoring an exquisite gastronomy, this is “the place”. Here you can find some of the Caribbean’s most popular activities, attractions and festivals in Grand Cayman, including the popular Pirates Week and the colorful and exciting Carnival of Batabanó. Other attractions include the Cayman Islands National Museum, Rum Point, Peter St. James, Bodden Town, Cayman Islands’ first capital, Cayman Turtle Farm, protected habitat of thousands of endangered green sea turtles, And Mastic Trail, a 2-mile trail through virgin forests.

Cayman Brac

If you want to get away from the crowds and experience some adventure, you will be pleased at Cayman Brac. This is a paradise of fruits, exotic birds and an abundant rainforest. It is only 12 miles long and owes its name to the stunning limestone cliff, or “brac” in Welsh, which rises 140 feet above sea level, there you can get a closer look at the beauty of the exotic flora and fauna of the islands , more than 200 bird species, many in danger of extinction. Underwater adventurers will be able to immerse themselves in the crystalline waters and dive in sunken ships, activity that can include the whole family. Other popular attractions at Cayman Brac include the Cayman Brac Museum in Stake Bay, as well as numerous caves, including the Bat Cave and Peter’s Cave.

A world under the sea.

It is not possible to speak of the Cayman Islands without mentioning that it is considered as one of the most impressive places on the planet to admire the underwater world through diving and snorkeling. Here you can lie on the sand and immerse yourself in the crystalline sea. Among the best beaches is Seven Miles (the most famous), which is often mentioned among the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean; There on the seabed rests the boat Kittiwake, ideal for beginners of the exploration of shipwrecks, as the shallow waters allow to spend more time under the sea. This ship sank in 2011 and eliminated any potential risk before being sunk. The doors and hatches were removed so that each cabin had at least one possible outlet for the divers. There are other beaches like the Lonely Heritage, Rum Point, surrounded by pine and palm trees and Kaibo, more crowded, for its bars and live music.

Streaks in sight

It would be unforgivable to miss the excursion to Stingray City, an extraordinary sandbar in the middle of the sea, where you can swim with manta rays, feed them and touch them.

Feast of the island.

Pirates Week or Pirates Week is another important event that takes place during 11 days in the first half of November. The inhabitants of the islands look forward to these moments, during which the archipelago recalls the days when the pirates had their hiding place in this paradisiac place. They are days of music, street dancing, competitions and games of all kinds, food and drink tastings, parades, sports, fireworks and more. During the first Saturday of the week, one of the most popular events takes place: the “pirate invasion” that arrives from the sea, aboard two old galleons whose crew board the port of George Town and end up “capturing” the Governor. This event is unique throughout the Caribbean, and is worth seeing.



Along the coast of George Town there are restaurants, souvenir shops and other stores where jewels, watches, perfumes and electronic items are sold, on the island we also find local clothing brands such as Versace, Tiffany, Gucci, and others, all tax free. Just minutes from the capital is Camana Bay Center, an exclusive shopping area where the only cinema is located, and a variety of restaurants with exquisite seafood and fish based menus. At night, Camana Bay is enlivened with live music, drinks and dinner under the stars. Local treasures can be found throughout Grand Cayman, with artisans working at their homes along the island. An incredible combination of luxury and local treasures await you on your shopping tour on this island. You will have to dedicate a full day to the many shops, but with a little imagination you can look for space in your agenda and not miss the crafts that this destination has to offer.


The Cayman Islands have culinary options that fit any palate, and the food reflects the rich cultural heritage of the place, but incorporates several international flavors. All that can be made with shell, coconut, banana, yucca, yam, rice and peas, tuna, snapper, mangoes and mahi, has been prepared in the Islands. Traditional food includes dishes made with turtle meat, as well as shell stew, Cayman style beef, and fish fritters. It is often referred to as the culinary capital of the Caribbean for its eclectic mix of flavors. A good meal in the Cayman Islands can range from dinner in a five star hotel to a fresh fish under the moonlight.

The Cayman Islands are all this and more. Enjoy the Caribbean until sunrise on paradisiac beaches, explore the seabed and tropical jungles, parties and music in its entire splendor, this is what is called a high-end vacation.